Intro to OMBABIKA OBSTACLES, Parts 1 & 2

This coming Tuesday, Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay is screening a film titled “Return to Ombabika : A Journey Home”. The filmmakers are Ma-nee Chacaby, Zoe Gordon, and Shayne Ehman. I know nothing about them.

I am one of the few human beings who has visited, or tried to visit, Ombabika, or the place where it used to be, for it is now a ghost village. My best information (which I received from the posts that I am sharing with you) is that it was located 2 miles west of Auden on the CN National Railway northern line. Reaching Auden requires following a bush road north of Beardmore and Jellicoe.

The shadowy (not quite a ghost) village of Auden is pretty much as described by BA in this story. A few years ago, I followed the railway a few hundred metres west, crossed the Ombabika River, and found a clearing on the north side which I was told (incorrectly, as it happens) was the site of the village.

Locals pronounce “Ombabika” as “ahm – BOB – ih – kah”.

I failed to put a name to BA, which are the initials of the story writer. BA relates the story of a trip on his motorcycle, “Annie”, from the USA to Auden, Northwestern Ontario.

Ombabika Obsatcles, Part 1 –
Ombabika Obstacles, Part 2 –

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