Doors Open Thunder Bay 2022 On Saturday, September 10, my sister Sue and I looked for the N.M. Paterson Building at 1918 Yonge Street, Thunder Bay. Yonge Street in Thunder Bay? Someone has a sense of humour. We navigated to the swing bridge on James Street and spotted the building across an impassable divide. WeContinue reading “N.M. PATERSON BUILDING”


A French philosopher once asked, “Why do we never expect dull people to be rascals?” He said “dull people” because the demographic we call automobile collision repair appraisers had yet to be invented. We have all had the experience of finding that a dent in a bumper or a scratch in the paint that willContinue reading “DAMN THE RASCALS!”


Get a bunch of kids and adults and insects and lego thingies and yummy treats and mix them all together and you get  ̶  the Science North Roadshow. I wandered down to Marina Park this morning and came upon a tent village on the sward. “Sward” is the unscientific name for grass. The first tentContinue reading “SCIENCE AND NON-SCIENCE”


by Edgar J. Lavoie in Summer 1989 The first time Georg Schuchmann and Emil Jochum saw Canada, they were prisoners of war. They spent months in a remote bush camp near Longlac, Ontario. Huge red bull’s-eyes on their backs presented targets to armed guards. Recently, after a 43-year absence, Schuchmann and Jochum fulfilled a longtimeContinue reading “POW CAMP 26”


WILD STORIES by Edgar J. Lavoie    On the whole, the wild animals in Geraldton District are pretty well behaved. Bears respect humans. Muskrats respect dogs. And pike, well, pike give fishermen a good fight, but rarely attack their boats. It was not always so.    In the summer of 1936, forest fires threatened theContinue reading “WILD STORIES”


On Sunday, July 31, 2022, I joined a group in a tour of the island and lighthouse. The sky was overcast, threatening, but the rain held off till the trip was over. The temperature hovered around 20’ C. My daughter, Laura, and I drove to Rossport, followed by Stacy and Roger and three youngsters. WeContinue reading “BATTLE ISLAND TOUR”


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