Part 2 – [Geraldton : An Alternative History]

Ontario Historical Plaque erected in Geraldton in 1971. The text leads off with “Discoveries of gold in the vicinity of Lake Kenogamisis in 1931-2 mushroomed into an extensive gold-mining field in this region.” All photos in Greenstone History collection.

[Frontmatter – Page i]

Geraldton 50th Anniversary Committee : 1937 – 1947

This book is dedicated to the many citizens of Geraldton who so often have said “The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and The Geraldton Way.”

By Ginger Ball, Chairperson of Book Committee[,] Tom Currie, Myra Korkola, Marylin Power, Marilyn McMahon[,] and Chuck Jones[,] Committee members

Published by [blank space]

With assistance from Ontario Arts Council [Ed. Note – The OAC never contributed to the eventual publication.]

[Frontmatter – Page ii]


Files of the Town Office, Geraldton.

Various data, Geraldton Centennial Library.

Records, Mary J. Black (sic), Thunder Bay.

Issues of Geraldton [Newspapers].

Scrap Books of articles from The Times Journal, The News Chronicle, The Times News, all from Thunder Bay.


Pictures and negatives of the Late (sic) Harry Fisher[.]

Pictures purchased from the late E.C. Everett, Nipigon.

Pictures from Ginger Ball’s Collection.

Pictures loaned by many people for use in the book.

[Frontmatter – Page iii – DEDICATION]

This book is dedicated to the many people, who, over the years,

have said, The Right Way, The Wrong Way , and The Geraldton Way.

This saying probably comes from the fact that Geraldton

has always been short of funding. The residential taxes collected

are higher than the business taxes. There has never been

an [adequate] tax base, because the mines were all outside the

town boundaries, and paid no municipal taxes.

[As] long as there was even one mine operating the town did

receive a mining community grant from the Provincial Government.

Once the last mine closed the mining tax was phased out

over a [3-year] period.

The lack of taxes have made it necessary for the Mayor

and Councillors of the day to journey to Toronto and sometimes

Ottawa seeking grant money, to further the interests of the

municipality. Thus we have to do things The Geraldton Way [with]

very little money and a lot of ingenuity.

Members of the History Book Committee are Ginger Ball, Tom Currie,

Myra Korkola, Marylin Power, Marilyn McMahon, Chuck Jones,

[Hillary] Skene, and Ren Craig.

Looking south down Mine Road in early winter of 1934. The road was surveyed in September between Barton Bay of Kenogamisis Lake and the CNR railway two miles north. The lone building is Murphy’s Meats (later Murphy’s Lunch, and then Geraldton Tea Room). When building lots were established, the Tea Room was two blocks south of the CNR station on the east side. The whole regional office of the Department of Highways had five snowplows. Plows had to be shipped to Geraldton for jobs, and then shipped back. When this photo was taken, the plow was obviously not available.
The first taxi and another automobile on Mine Road in the winter of 1934-35. The plow has done its job. When spring came, roads became quagmires.

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